Applications Open – Ladders of Opportunity Bursary

May 20, 2024

Established in memory of beloved community leaders, Erdington MP Jack Dromey and Stockland Green Councillor Penny Holbrook, the Ladders of Opportunity Bursary aims to provide vital support for individuals aged 16 to 25, empowering them to overcome financial barriers and pursue their educational and career aspirations.

This initiative will provide bursaries of up to £1,000 to support learning or pathways into work for young residents aged 16-25 living in the Erdington Constituency, upholding Jack, and Penny’s commitment to foster a community where young people can thrive and realise their full potential.

The Bursary has been created by Witton Lodge Community Association in collaboration with key partners including IM Properties, BMet College, The Pioneer Group and Urban Devotion.

If you’d like to apply for a bursary please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria below or download it here or via the link below. You also can download the application form here or via the link below.  The deadline for applications to be submitted is 6pm on 14th June 2024.


Eligibility Criteria
  1. Age Limit: Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 25 at the time of application. Applicants under the age of 18 will need must obtain parental or guardian approval to be considered for the Ladders of Opportunity Bursary. This ensures that all applicants have the necessary support and consent from their legal guardians to participate in the programme. Parental or guardian approval may be required at various stages of the application process to safeguard the interests of minors and ensure that they are supported in their educational and career endeavours.
  2. Household Income: The total household income of the applicant must not exceed £25,000 annually. Documentation verifying household income will be requested during the application process.
  3. Residence: Applicants must be residents of the Erdington Constituency, which includes Erdington, Stockland Green, Gravelly Hill, Perry Common, Castle Vale, Kingstanding, or Pype Hayes. Proof of address will be required as part of the application process.
  4. Residency Status: Applicants must possess the legal right to reside in the UK and have lived within the UK for the preceding three years. Asylum seekers or refugees must provide documentation demonstrating their right to live in the UK.
  5. Bursary Utilisation: Recipients must utilise the bursary funds within a set timescale and provide evidence of expenditure where required.
Application Process:
  1. Application Form: Applicants must complete the provided application form and submit a short personal statement up to 500 words, including evidence of how the bursary funds will be utilised. We welcome video testimonials to support applications.
  2. Supporting Documentation: Applicants must provide evidence of address, household income, and a reference from a professional individual who knows them, such as a teacher, official careers advisor, social/youth worker, or youth employer. Applicants under the age of 18 must provide parental or guardian approval to be considered for the bursary.
  3. Shortlisting: Applications will be reviewed by the Ladders of Opportunity Committee, led by Witton Lodge Community Association, for shortlisting.
  4. Interview: Shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview with the Ladders of Opportunity Panel.
  5. Selection: Successful candidates will be selected and notified accordingly.
  6. Mentee/Mentoring Matching: Recipients will be matched with mentors, and introductions will be facilitated to commence the mentoring process.

The Ladders of Opportunity Bursary serves as a vital resource for young residents of the Erdington Constituency, offering financial assistance to pursue educational and career aspirations. By adhering to the specified eligibility criteria and responsibly utilising the bursary, applicants can access opportunities for personal and professional growth, thereby contributing to their individual success and the overall prosperity of the community.