Now This Is Arriving In Style!

October 10, 2017

Now, if you’re going to make an entrance, make it a big one!

That was certainly the case with Wyrley McBear Face; Perry Common’s newest resident and a new ‘Friend For Perry’ The Owl. If you’re passing Perry Common Community Hall, you’re not seeing things, there are now 2 friends outside – you can’t miss them!

Perry ‘The Owl’ has been with us for 2 years and now Wyrley McBear Face has joined him. ‘Wyrley’ The Big Sleuth Bear, has been holidaying in Erdington, outside St Barnabas’ Church, throughout the summer and we couldn’t resist bringing him back to Perry Common with us.

‘Wyrley’ was created with design ideas from local people in Perry Common, Wyrley Birch and Kingstanding; working with local artists Becky Cresswell and DJ.

Wyrley, alongside the other 99 bears, formed a trail around the city, but they have all now been auctioned, with the money raised going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Come along and say hello!