Residents Tour The New Eco Hub

May 19, 2021

Witton Lodge Community Association has delivered the first behind the scenes public tour of the new Eco Hub site at Witton Lakes.

Tuesday’s event gave local residents the opportunity to see the Velvet Community Orchard in full bloom and experience the beauty of connecting to nature in glorious sunshine.

Attendees also got to see construction of the new facility taking shape and heard about the exciting plans for the new state-of-the-art centre which is scheduled to open in September.

To finish off the visit, residents joined the Duckling Watch group on a tour around the Lakes where they caught a glimpse of recently hatched coot ducklings.

Similar site visits are being organised over the summer months to give residents a chance to see how the development is progressing and to give them a say in services the centre delivers.

For more information on the Eco Hub project or to sign up to get involved in future tours, design workshops and events, please contact or 0121 382 1930.