Banking jobs and Finance Roles

March 9, 2021

We are hosting an information session with Barclays on Thursday, March 11th for anybody who wants to find out about careers in the financial sector.

Although there are no live vacancies connected to this session it is a great opportunity for job seekers to meet a large employer, gain insight into work in the sector and learn what skills and opportunities exist for those looking for a career in the industry.

Thursday’s session, which runs from 12-noon to 1pm, will:

  • Cover wider roles at Barclays than just finance, for example jobs in branches, such as customer service or admin.
  • It will also cover employability skills like completing application forms and preparing for interviews.


The session will offer a chance for people to take part in workshops with professionals from Barclays. Contributors will provide a personal insight into the workplace, not just for Barclays specifically but the financial industry in general.

It will also enable people taking part to ask questions around the range of roles and skills needed to have a successful career with large companies like Barclays. 

To take part in Thursday’s session just click on the link below at 12-noon