Eco Together Success at the Eco Hub

December 1, 2023

Witton Lodge Community Association has helped to successfully deliver Eco Together, an eco-educational programme for adults in the local community.

Designed and delivered by local resident Stephanie Boyle and facilitated by WLCA team member Paul Tse, the programme is designed to encourage participants to explore ways that they can make small, positive changes that help the environment.

As well as covering the core Eco Together content, the group were also treated to a special guided tour of the Eco Hub by the architect that designed it, Rob Annable. Rob shared the thought process behind the design of the eco-friendly venue and how it sustainably benefits the environment.

Celebrating it’s first birthday this year, Witton Lakes Eco Hub has gone from strength to strength, growing into a busy and much-loved community hub with environmental issues at its heart. Paul Tse, Flourishing Community Co-ordinator said “The Eco Hub provides easy to access support for residents and the wider community around issues like fuel and food poverty, which alongside our wellbeing activities provides a holistic approach to supporting our community.

“Witton Lakes Eco Hub is the perfect venue to host the Eco Together programme, allowing us to combine our passion for environmental issues with our commitment to supporting our local community, through the delivery of this eco-educational programme.”

Witton Lakes Eco Hub – The Perfect Venue!

Stephanie Boyle who spearheaded the programme said ”The Eco Together course at WLCA was a bit of an experiment – it’s never been done as a course before but I’m very pleased with how it went.

“Everyone enjoyed it, participants and facilitators had fun and learnt a lot! The bike ride round Witton Lakes was one of the most popular activities and the tour of the Eco Hub by the architect was amazing. “More than anything, it’s had a real impact on participants who feel more powerful to speak up and take action to find positive ways to respond to the climate crisis. I hope WLCA run the course again. It’s the right thing, at the right time, in the right place.”