Pupils Create Our Ring of Blossom

January 23, 2023

A National Trust initiative to create attractive green spaces around Birmingham saw pupils from Wilson Stuart School visit Witton Lakes Eco Hub to help landscape the grounds there.

The Trust recently launched a project to revitalise an 18th century concept, when Birmingham was regarded as a ‘town ringed by blossom.’

Staff member Joanne Bowen got in touch with Witton Lodge after the school was unable to accommodate trees they had applied for due to ongoing maintenance work at their Perry Common Road site. Joanne asked if the trees could go in the ground at the Hub instead

The Trust has donated trees to different organisations areas all around the number 11-bus route in order to once again create the ‘ring of blossom.’

Pupils planted two Pear trees, two Apple trees and two blossom trees at Witton Lakes Eco Hub on Friday, alongside a Christmas tree.

“The idea of getting the children involved was so they get interested in how things grow and how to nourish and look after the plants and trees going forward,” said Diane Johnston, Welcome Officer at Witton Lakes Eco Hub.

They have been working with the Hub’s on-site gardener, John Beasley, every Tuesday morning for the last few months to help them understand gardening to support their in-school projects.

“This has given them confidence in communicating with each other and others,” added Diane.

“The children will continue to visit the Eco Hub to take care of the trees they have planted as well as two raised beds where they are going to grow produce to take back to school to cook and eat.

“This will help them in their own daily lives and to become more self-sufficient and build their confidence.”

A big thank you also goes to Lee from Boss Gardens who took time out of his busy schedule to dig the holes for the trees.