You Can Benefit From Project Calm

September 15, 2022

Local residents are invited to indulge and benefit from a bespoke eight-week course being delivered to help people rediscover their strength and energy.

Project Calm is an eight-week series of workshops which will use practical techniques to help boost mental health and wellbeing.

Starting on October 4, the sessions are presented by Bijon Roy and will be accessible to anyone attending the Care for Carers group  meetings run by Fauzia Begum, Wellbeing Officer at Witton Lodge.

Each week will include gentle physical stretching and breathing exercises.

A spokesman said: “We often focus on one area of our lives to improve, but unless we find balance in the other aspects of our lives that are completely intertwined, then we are simply fire-fighting and often go in circles.”

“With the ever growing mental health crisis in our modern world, there is need for action.”

If you would be interested in joining Project Calm sessions, please call Fauzia on 0121 382 190.

For fuller details click on the link below

Project Calm