Eco Brunch Serves City Entrepreneurs

June 7, 2022

We were delighted to host an Eco Brunch this morning, organised to provide the city’s most ambitious young business minds with an insight into how new enterprise can grow and flourish.

Co-ordinated and facilitated by the Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs (ISE) the event was delivered at our brand new Witton Lakes Eco Hub in Witton Lakes Park.

During the informal networking session, which ran from 10am-12pm, attendees described their desire to embed sustainable and impactful change at local community level, with projects which aid the environment, assist financial independence and allow creativity to flourish.

Some, who have already established their own fledgling organisations, spoke of their ambitions to reach and connect with new audiences. Others shared their stories of best practice.

Julia Buckley, owner of Digital Marketing Agency, Ecotising, was one of those attending today’s event with an eye on the future. She found it useful.

“It was great to connect with other like-minded organisations,” said Julia.

Chris Vaughan, from Warm Earth Ltd, was also impressed. “It’s an impressive venue, the future starts here,” he commented. Meanwhile, Linda Jones, from the Salus Fatigue Foundation, added: “It was an excellent event for sharing sustainable ideas and for networking.”

People attending today’s Brunch were also treated to a tour of the Witton lakes Eco Hub, delivered by Gareth Hopkins, Homes and Assets Manager for Witton Lodge Community Associaiton.

More than £1-million has been invested to transform the Park Keeper’s Cottage at Witton Lakes, which has stood there for over 100 years.

Activities delivered from the Hub are set to include a range of workshops and practical learning around the environment, ecology and sustainability. There will also be a dedicated push to work with the local community to tackle issues like fuel and food poverty.

Steve Sharma, Communications Officer at Witton Lodge, said local residents will play a leading role in shaping and delivering services.

“We need grass roots action that will help to protect our planet and deal with the pressing issues facing many of our residents, such as food and fuel poverty.”

The Eco Brunch event was also supported by the North Birmingham Economic Recovery Task Force (NB:ER).

NB:ER Co-ordinator Jobeda Shahed said: “It was great to see so many like-minded people come together and share their passion for progress and positive change.

“Organised networking, especially around social enterprise, is an very informative and valuable tool. Bringing people together to learn from one another fuels ambition and belief.

“Thank you to ISE for putting on this great event.”