Debbie Comes a Cropper for Charity

January 4, 2022

During the Christmas break, our Health and Wellbeing Development Manager, Debbie Bates, boldly went where few women have gone before – or should that be baldly?

On December 28th Debbie decided to Brave the Shave and had her long flowing locks chopped off for charity. In doing so she was paying tribute to a very special lady in her life.

“The reason I decided to do it was in memory of many family members who have battled with cancer,” she said.

“But it was mainly in honour of my Mum, Shirley Reynolds, who died from Cancer aged 38. The shave took place on what would have been her 70th Birthday in the presence of my dad, sisters, family and friends at my local pub The Royal Oak in Kingsbury.”

Donations are still coming in but at the moment, Debbie’s daring fundraiser has raised in excess of £1,370.

“Braving the Shave was a very personal and emotional experience for me as my Mum had beautiful long hair which ‘fell out’ due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” added Debbie, who has donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust who will use it to make wigs for sick children.

“The most humbling thing about the experience was listening to stories from so many friends and colleagues who have also lost loved ones to Cancer, she said.

“Having them share their memories and listening to their experiences is something that will stay with me forever.”

People who would like to donate to the fundraiser can do so by clicking on the link below:

Debbie’s FLATtering new look 🙂

Her inspirational Mum 


The locks that are raising money to help children