Business Opportunities at Growth Workshop

December 16, 2021

Business opportunities, growth and development were the main focus of the North Birmingham Economic Recovery (NB:ER) Business Growth and Engagement Workshop.

Thursday’s event at Villa Park, attended by NB:ER partners and city-based businesses, was held, primarily, to showcase the potential of the Peddimore Development, next year’s Commonwealth Games being held in Birmingham and an introduction to HS2’s supply chain.

Opened by Erdington MP Jack Dromey, the Workshop featured presentations from IM Properties, Winvic Construction, Birmingham 2022, HS2 Ltd and South and City College.

Reflecting on the success of the event, NB:ER co-ordinator, Jobeda Shahed, said: “Next year looks set to be a crucial year for the recovery and regeneration of the local economic landscape and businesses are a critical part of that recovery.

“These showcase projects offer a wide range of possibilities for growth and development in North Birmingham so it was nice to see so many businesses attend and take a vested interest in the opportunities. “

David Smith, Planning Director at IM Properties, presented at the event, highlighting the different ways businesses can get involved in, and benefit from, the Peddimore Development.

He said: “In these times it is important that business shows leadership and, where it can, offer support to small to medium sized enterprises that are eager to better prepare themselves for the opportunities occurring on their doorstep.

“It was great to be given a platform through the NBER event to connect with a variety of such enterprises, and to introduce them to our ambitions for Peddimore.”

James Walsh, Head of Legacy at Birmingham 2022 also delivered a presentation to raise awareness of the opportunities around next year’s Commonwealth Games.

“Engaging with local businesses underlines our commitment to help businesses understand how they could potentially work with us, specifically our procurement processes how we will measure  social value of the Games,” he said.

“We aim to continue to support local businesses in the new year through a series of workshops on social value.”

Meanwhile, Senior Business Engagement Manager for HS2, Matt Hadlington delivered a workshop on behalf of his organisation, to highlight the benefits available to partners and investors on the headline project.

He said: “It was great to be able or take part in the Business Engagement and Growth Workshop at Villa Park.

“HS2 is committed to involving local businesses in the project wherever it can, and workshops like these are a great way for us to understand more about the value that local businesses can bring.”

Yasmin Brotherson, from Serco, was among those attending Thursday’s workshop. She commented: “It was a really well put together event and I was really impressed with the guest speakers.

“It was a great networking opportunity and interesting to hear about some of the upcoming developments in Birmingham and the jobs they will be creating.”