New Housing Status Could Benefit Thousands

September 2, 2021

Witton Lodge Community Interest Company (CIC) has achieved Registered Provider status. This will allow the newly formed company to apply for funding in order to refurbish derelict properties and build new affordable and social housing for those in need.

Gareth Hopkins, Homes and Assets Manager for Witton Lodge, said: “Achieving Registered Provider status enables Witton Lodge CIC to progress its housing development aspirations.

“There are currently around 17,000 housing applicants on Birmingham City Council’s waiting list (May 2021) and over 9,000 empty properties across the city (August 2019)

“Homes England (the national government agency for development and regulation of affordable housing) has a national funding pot to address the housing shortage. By becoming a registered provider we can now apply directly for funding to develop and manage properties.

“We can now pursue the refurbishment of even more empty properties, those which have become a blight on local communities and can cause issues such as anti-social behaviour.”

Witton Lodge Community Interest Company (WLCIC) was established in 2015 as a subsidiary of Witton Lodge Community Association to progress housing and community asset development goals.

The Association is a charity with a long and successful track record of community-led housing and capital asset development across North Birmingham.

Chief Officer, Afzal Hussain, said: “We’re delighted that Witton Lodge CIC has achieved Registered Provider status. The team and Board have worked hard to get us to this stage, however, in many ways the real work starts now as we know there is huge demand for good quality, affordable homes. Another important feature is the ‘community-led’ element, where we are able demonstrate that there is a different model to developing new housing, which works with the grain of local communities.

“The work of the CIC will also complement the charitable activities of the Association which provides health, employment and community support services to hundreds of local residents.”