Job Seekers Get a Taste of Teamwork

October 22, 2019

Candidates attending our Employment and Skills training at Oikos café in Erdington have been learning about the benefits of teamwork and delegating.

The employment hopefuls, referred to us by Erdington Job Centre, have been working on a series of competence tasks and tests in order to get them job ready.

The accredited training is being delivered by Employment and Skills Tutor, Tony Bartley and Dellano Lewis, Placement Youth Ambassador for Witton Lodge Community Association.

This week the candidates were given a rather tasty challenge – to design and create a stand-alone construction made of dry pasta and marshmallows!

“The task was a follow-up to their initial new-learners team building activity three weeks ago,” said Tony.

“As they are now an established group together, taking on this more delicate task provided an opportunity for their team working skills to come in to play.

“Roles were clearly identified, communication was open and clear and decisions were made easily.

“Since the start of the course they have grown in confidence and now know each others strengths and weaknesses. This helps them to work more cohesively and creatively.”

For details on how our employment and skills training courses could help you, call Tony Bartley now on 0121 382 1930.