Share Your Perry Common Memories

September 23, 2019

Since the spectre of demolition threatened to change the Perry Common landscape forever the estate has grown and developed and blossomed into a thriving, vibrant community.

This year marks the end of the 25-year project to redevelop Perry Common, a scheme launched in conjunction with the city council, to help positively transform life in this suburb of North Birmingham.

Since being established in 1994, we have, worked with the people for the people; providing services and support where it has been needed most across Perry Common – primarily through housing, employment and health & wellbeing.

“Our passion for people and community is what drives us to succeed and has given us a front row seat to some amazing success stories and wonderful achievements,” said Linda Hines MBE, Resident Chair at Witton Lodge.’

Embracing the strong relationship the Association enjoys with the residents of Perry Common, a new online scrapbook has been launched to showcase the achievements and success stories of everyone who has lived and worked in the community for the last 25 years.

Communications Officer, Steve Sharma, added: “We don’t want to let this historic year pass us by without having something which commemorates, celebrates and showcases the remarkable and fantastic story of Perry Common and its people.”

The idea of the online scrapbook, dubbed PC25, is for everyone to share their memories from the last 25 years.

“People can send in photos, personal or professional, which have meaning to them,” adds Steve

“They can be from things like weddings, birthdays and holidays or pictures celebrating a new job, a first car, a new home, even going to watch your favourite sports team play; anything that has given someone a reason to smile, we’d love to share those memories with our entire Perry Common family.”

If you would like to share some of your favourite memories on the brand new Witton Lodge Community Association PC25 web page, please send your photos, as jpegs, on email, to:

Remember to include a brief description of the photo – the date it was taken, the names of everyone in the picture, the location and the occasion.

Alternatively, bring your photos into Steve at our offices at 87 Witton Lodge Road and we’ll scan copies of them.

Once your image has been published you will receive a link to the website page so you can share it with all your family and friends.