Say Hello To ‘Wyrley McBear Face’

July 25, 2017

Say a big hello to our newest local resident.  ‘Wyrley McBear Face’ has arrived in Erdington High Street, right outside St Barnabas Church.  He will be spending the summer and early autumn there, before moving to his permanent home at the Velvet Community Orchard at Witton Lakes.

‘Wyrley’ is 1 of 100 bears, placed all around the city as part of the Big Slueth Project.  He has been designed by local people here in Perry Common, Kingstanding and Wyrley Birch – with different features from these designs being used in the final design.

Artist Becky Cresswell came up with the overall concept and DJ did a fantastic job at painting Wyrley McBear Face.

He really is looking spectacular outside the church and is getting lots of attention – with the specially made Wyrley McBear Face Cookies selling like, well ‘hot cakes’.

To give Wyrley the welcome he deserves, the Witton Lodge Team, artists and children who helped design Wyrley, were at the Erdington Festival on Saturday 22nd July, and really get Wyrley as the centre of attention.  The festival was busy and had great stalls, live music and rides for the children to enjoy.

In case you’re wondering, Wyrley McBear Face was named by local people after the Wyrley Birch area – which is close to where his permanent home will be.

Please go and say hello to him at St Barnabas Church, Erdington High Street, B23 6SY – and take the city-wide trail to see all the other bears.