Spring Clean This Way

March 22, 2017

There’s nothing like a good Spring Clean.  But this year we’ve been taking this to the next level.  Not content with cleaning the great indoors, we’ve been out and about with local people to clean the great outdoors – as part of the Big Spring Clean.

Residents in Hales Gardens really got into their Spring Clean spirit, working with Birmingham City Council’s Street Scene Team, to clean the road, grassed area and shrubbery.

Next it was the turn of Wyrley Birch, with local people, dog wardens, police and the city council all having a really good clean up of the area.

And look what we found in the lake…  During the clean up of Witton Lakes (with Birmingham City Council and Duckling Watch/Friends Of Witton Lakes, we found this old bollard – certainly don’t want this in the lake, though it doesn’t look in bad condition.

Thank You to everyone who took part and are working really hard to make our local area look great.