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Erdington NNS – An Overview

The Erdington Neighbourhood Network Scheme (Erdington NNS) is a community based, locally led organisation which has been established to support older adults to live independent and connected lives.

Erdington NNS brings together voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations to support older adults through the growth of networks and friendships, so that they can live independent and connected lives.

This is achieved by providing access to services, organisations and practitioners (ie social workers) who can help reduce isolation and promote and reinforce good health and wellbeing.

Witton Lodge Community Association and Compass Support work in partnership to cultivate a support network of organisations and agencies to establish a portfolio of resources which can deliver the solutions older people require to overcome challenges like poor physical and emotional health.

Erdington NNS will also provide investment to support the creation and development of activity which targets those individuals and organisations who identified as vulnerable.

Funding is available to establish activities and support services which benefit the health and wellbeing of older people living in the constituency. Under the scheme’s Small Grants Programme people can apply for projects from £250 up to £10,000.

For further information call Debbie Bates on 0121 382 1930 or email: Debbie.bates@wittonlodge.org.uk




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