Wellbeing Words Capture Group’s Spirit

November 25, 2020

Our weekly Health and Wellbeing Online Support Group is making a real difference to the lives of local residents, helping to connect people through shared engagement and activity.

Held every Tuesday from 10.30-11.30am, the sessions are delivered to provide participants with a social platform where they can meet new people and make new friends in ways which boost their mental and emotional wellbeing.

During this week’s meeting which was attended by 15 residents and volunteers, people were asked to come up with words which represented them as individuals and how they felt about the group. Those words were then used to create a poem – which you can read below:

Our Tuesday Group is such fun,

And we all look forward to seeing Ron.

As a group we are friendly, interesting and positive,

Because we listen, we talk, and we are all inclusive.

It is through meeting together all online,

With support from everyone we are doing just fine.

The Sycamore residents love to chat,

Because staying in their flat is making them fat.

We get to see lots of funny masks too,

And have loads of fun and tasks to do.


We are a fun and caring group,

On a cold day it is like having hot soup.

We all get on well and meet at least once a week,

And getting to know everyone has been a real treat.

We cannot wait to do tai chi and other activities,

As this lockdown has caused us all many difficulties.

Meeting and socialising are what we all need back,

As sitting doing nothing does not help with a bad back.

Keeping us all going; week on week,

Our Tuesday Group is so special and unique.

Debbie Bates, Health & Wellbeing Lead for Witton Lodge Community Association, said: “It is a real pleasure getting to know everyone who attends our Tuesday Group, some who join every week and others who attend as and when they can due to other commitments.

“We have many people that have joined through self-referral, social work referrals, social prescribing, Primary Care Networks and partner organisations to name but a few.

“The group is open to anyone who would like to join and is a fantastic platform for peer support, friendships and activities. It would be wonderful to see the group grow.”

If you’d like to take part in our Tuesday Health and Wellbeing sessions please call Debbie Bates on 0121 382 1930.