Crucial Support Services Now Being Delivered Online

April 16, 2020

To counter the impact of the lockdown imposed as a result of the COVID19 pandemic Witton Lodge Community Association is now delivering its key support services online.

People who need help, advice and guidance around employment and health & wellbeing can now access a range of the Association’s services, tools and resources via platforms like Facebook, Zoom and Whatsapp.

Employment and Engagement Officer, Dellano Lewis, launched the new era with a Facebook Live session. This has now been complemented by regular Whatsapp group employment support sessions, Employment Support workshops on Zoom and Health & Wellbeing Zoom Support Group meetings.

Iram Fardus, Business Development and Performance Manager for Witton Lodge’ said it is vital people still have access to services and provision.

“The circumstances we find ourselves in makes it even more important that we reach and connect with people to give them the support and information they need,” she said.

“While these are unprecedented times people’s needs remain a priority for us and we know from the conversations we’re having with clients that having access to support services is absolutely critical right now.

“Knowing there is someone out there you can talk to, who can help you, is a massive boost for people who would otherwise be cut off from the support they are dependent on.

“And while the focus is on service delivery around employment and wellbeing, it’s just as important – in the current climate – to offer people the chance to connect and engage with others.”

For details of all online workshops, sessions and group meetings being delivered by Witton Lodge Community Association – and how to access them – please visit the organisation’s COVID19 web page at