Meet The Team

Our Team

There are lots of opportunities to meet the WLCA team at events and activities in and around Perry Common.  The team are based at our offices at Perry Common Community Hall and Sycamore Court.  You can call us on 0121 382 1930, email or come into our office at Perry Common Community Hall (between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday) to find out more.


Afzal Hussain

Chief Officer

With many years of experience in project management and leadership, Afzal has responsibility for managing WLCA, ensuring that our organisation grows and we are able to support even more people in our local community.


Stuart Adams

Senior Development and Performance Manager

Stuart is our Senior Development and Performance Manager.  He has a wealth of experience in strategic business development, team leadership, marketing, management and more.


Fauzia Begum

Wellbeing Officer

Fauzia works as part of our Living Well Team, based at our Sycamore Court Extra Care Scheme.  She conducts wellbeing assessments, social-prescription, and activities to help people in Perry Common and beyond enhance their lives through improved health.


Sarah Blackstock

Health & Wellbeing Manager

Sarah takes an active lead in supporting the local community to be healthy, leading a wide variety of exciting initiatives and services to minimise the impact of health issues.  She is currently working with local groups to achieve this.


Kay Blundell

Office Manager / Senior Administrator

As Office Manager and Senior Administrator, Kay makes sure that our offices at Perry Common Community Hall and Sycamore Court are running smoothly and that administration is organised and up-to-date – ensuring that all the WLCA team stay organised.


Natalie Downey

Quality and Compliance Officer

Natalie is our super-efficient assistant who works closely with senior managers and directors to provide administrative support and ensure we are compliant in all aspects of our organisational duties.


Alison Lynch

Cleaning Operative

Alison works hard to keep our working and community spaces clean, tidy and safe. Alison can often be seen doing her cleaning duties very early in the morning – before most people get in!


Dawn Franks

Wyrley Birch Sessional Worker

Dawn is a familiar face around the local area.  As part of our community work in Wyrley Birch (located about half a mile from Perry Common), Dawn has been arranging activities and speaking with local people.  She helps out on Friday mornings at the Orchard Tea Room in Witton Lakes and also works with a number of other local organisations doing excellent work.


Iram Fardus

Employment & Skills Development Manager

As our Employment & Skills Manager, Iram is Team Leader for the Jobs & Skills team. Iram oversees a wide range of projects to help local people, with everything from our Job Club, Youth Promise Plus, Health Works and much more.


Gareth Hopkins

Homes And Properties Manager

As leader of our Housing Team, Gareth manages all WLCA’s 187 properties, including our 40 apartment extra-care scheme at Sycamore Court.  This includes everything from making sure our homes are well maintained to negotiating contracts and overseeing our letting process.


Haleema Khathoon

Youth Employment Ambassador

Haleema works in our Jobs & Skills team.  Her role is to help people with their employment needs, giving advice and support to find work and further training. Her role is focused on helping people who are 16-29 years old.


Cecil Leachman

Building Supervisor

Cec keeps our buildings maintained so that everyone who comes into Perry Common Community Hall and Sycamore Court enters a safe environment.  If you ask for tables to be set out for your event, or other equipment set up, it will be Cec who will do this for you.


Dellano Lewis

Placement Youth Ambassador 

Dellano works in our Jobs & Skills team.  His role is to help people with their employment needs, giving advice and support to find work and further training.  His role is focused on people who are 16-29 years old.


Lorna Pusey

Independent Living Co-Ordinator

When you visit our Sycamore Court Extra Care Scheme, Lorna will most likely be one of the first people you see.  Lorna helps ensure that Sycamore Court is a safe and pleasant place to live, visit and enjoy – and everything is as it should be.


John Smith

Finance Officer

With all the properties we manage and activities taking place, John’s role as Finance Officer is essential to make sure that the organisation’s finances are well managed, that there is enough money to pay our suppliers, and everything financial stays up-to-date and organised.


Paul Tse

Flourishing Community Development Officer

Paul is the team member responsible for organising many of the community events we hold every year, including our very popular Spring Into Spring festival and Christmas On The Ring.  He provides advice and support at our Job Club on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and works behind the scenes on a wide variety of projects.


Alisha Vale

Homes & Property Officer

Alisha ensures that all our 187 homes are well managed, well maintained and that our tenants are happy.  She takes a lead in reporting any repairs to the contractors so that they can be fixed and helps to resolve any other issues that arise.  If you contact us about a repair or housing issue, Alisha will be happy to help.


Michael Lamb

Homes & Property Apprentice 

Michael supports the housing team on anything from rent collection, to reporting repairs and maintaining our homes. If you contact us about a repair or housing issue, Michael will be happy to help.


Steve Sharma

Communications Officer

Steve co-ordinates all external and internal communications for the Association ensuring that residents, the local community, partners, stakeholders and staff remain informed on all our activities, projects and events. He also manages our social media platforms and, working with the print and broadcast media, keeps the general public and wider community updated on the latest Association news and developments.